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Academy Of Dance offers a wide variety of classes to its students. There are many classes offered for each age group, from 3 years old until a senior in high school. Become part of the AOD Family Today!

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Rules & Policies

Arrival & Departure

Please do not arrive to class more than 15 minutes early. Please be prompt when picking up your dancer. Please to not park in the parking lot next door. Dancers must wait inside for their ride.

Academy of Dance

Dress & Rules

Leotard and tights for class. Dance skirts may be worn. Dance pants may be worn for everything but ballet. Ballet Company Must Wear Black Leotard and Pink Tights. Jeans, t-shirts, or shorts are not appropriate. Hair should be neatly pulled back out of dancer’s face.

T-Shirt and shorts or pants. No jeans

 ** Please put your name in all of your dance shoes*

  • Pink leather ballet shoes (Split sole for Ballet Co.)
  • Satin Pointe Shoes
  • Capezio Mary Jane tap shoe in caramel (style #3800)
  • Black lace up tap shows (Capezio or Bloch)
  • Black lace up tap shows w/ Steven Stomper clogs
  • Black split sole jazz boots
  • Tan Jazz booties (Bloch style #499)
  • Capezio foot undeez
  • Black Hip-Hop dance sneakers

Food, drinks, and gum are not allowed in the studio. Students should use the restroom before class begins. Students are expected to be respectful to teachers and other students by being quiet and courteous during class. Please do not disturb class while in session. Cell phones must be turned off in class.

  • Be prepared for class (dressed properly and on time)
  • Running is not allowed in the studio
  • Food, drinks, and gum are not allowed in the studio
  • The music, stereo or mirrors are not to be touched
  • Stay on your dance spot
  • Hanging on the barres is not allowed
  • Any talk during class should be dance related
  • Cell phones must be turned off in class

In order to take full advantage of the instruction offered, regular attendance is necessary. There are no refunds for missed classes. You may make up a missed class by attending another class that is suitable for you. Please alert the studio if there is to be an extended number of absences. Students missing too many classes will be dropped from the class.


Notice: Any dancer that decides not to continue with dance classes must give the teacher a 30 day written notice Any dancer who quits is responsible for paying that month.


Bad Weather

In the event of bad weather, please call the studio or check the AOD Facebook page to find out if classes have been canceled. We do not always follow the schedule of the Rockingham County Schools. Classes missed due to weather will be made up as needed.

Academy of Dance

Dress & Rules

Our annual recital will be held in the Reidsville Senior High School Auditorium in May. Technical and Dress rehearsals will also be held in May at RSH. These rehearsals are Mandatory in order to participate in the recital. Any dances missed in rehearsal will not be performed in the recital. The recital date will be announced ASAP.