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Academy Of Dance offers a wide variety of classes to its students. There are many classes offered for each age group, from 3 years old until a senior in high school. Become part of the AOD Family Today!

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Pre-School Creative Movement (3-4 Year old)

* Age 3-4 years (must be 3 by August 31) 3 year old class meets once a week for 45 minutes
4 year old class meets once a week for 45 minutes

The creative movement program at Academy of Dance is designed to provide pre-school children a strong foundation in elements of dance:

  • Space and how to relate to it as an individual, and as part of a group
  • Locomotor movement
  • Musical rhythm, beats, and time
  • Opposites and directions
  • Elementary positions in ballet

Integrated with these physical concepts are intellectual concepts of self-awareness, creative expression, imagination, team work, and basic body awareness Through participation in these classes, students also learn the basics of classroom behavior and manners which will remain the same throughout their dancing years. These concepts include learning how to take turns, following or leading another dancer, working together with others, and having a positive dance experience.

Shoes Needed:
Pink Leather Ballet Shoes

Ballet / Tap (K - 1st Grade)

1 Hour Combo Class

Shoes Needed:
Pink Leather Ballet Shoes
Capezio Mary Jane Style #3800 C in Caramel color

Ballet / Tap / Jazz (2nd - 12th Grade)

Combo Class

Shoes Needed:
Pink Leather Ballet Shoes, Black Jazz Tap Shoes (Grades 4th-12th), Capezio Mary Jane Style #3800 (Kindergarten – 3rd)



Ballet Company

Extra Techniques Class – 1 Hour
Pre-Pointe/Pointe – 1 Hour

Shoes Needed:
Split Sole Ballet Soles, Pointe Shoes (When recommended by teacher)


Shoes Needed:
Capezio Foot Undeez

Hip Hop / Jazz / Funk

Shoes Needed:
Black Bloch Dance Sneakers


Shoes Needed:
Black Jazz Tap Shoes With Steven Stompers

Competition Class (Auditions Required)

Extra performance opportunities to take classes to the next level

Shoes Needed:
Depends on Class
Bloch Elasta Bootie in Tan (Style # S0449L)


Cara Morton

From the moment we entered the studio, our children felt special and loved. AOD is a place where every dancer learns proper dance technique with dedicated teachers, but also realizes the importance of having fun and still being age appropriate. Our children are encouraged to do their best, while being nurtured to know that they can reach any goal that they dream. What I love most is our daughters learn an endless amount of life lessons such as team dedication, hard work, respect, and self confidence. These skills and virtues are a wonderful foundation as they grow. Thank you Academy of Dance for all you do for our daughters.


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